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Battery 18V 6.0Amp
PACVAC Battery 18V 6.0Amp
Sale price$201.85
Dust Bag Paper Suit Superpro
Dust Bag Reusable Hypercone
Glide 300 Cannister Vacuum
HEPA Filter-Pre Motor-Cartridge
Hose assembly 32mm Screw Fit
Hose Assembly Plastic Female 32mm
Hose Assembly Screw Fit 32mm/1.2m
Pacvac 700 Cord Restraint
Pacvac 700 Motor 240V 2 Stage
Pacvac 700 Shoulder Strap And Harness
Pacvac Bottom CapPacvac Bottom Cap
PACVAC Pacvac Bottom Cap
Sale price$12.54
Pacvac Glide 300 Cloth Filter Bag
Pacvac Intermediate Housing
Pacvac Power Extension
Pacvac Thrift Back Pack VacuumPacvac Thrift Back Pack Vacuum
Pacvac Thrift Disposable Fil Bags Pkt
Superpro 700 Advanced Battery Backpack
Superpro 700 BackPack Vacuum
Vacuum Bags Glide 300
PACVAC Vacuum Bags Glide 300
Sale price$23.10

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